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Pilot/Escort Vehicle Driver

The Miro Training Centre runs a 3 day course (depending on class numbers this may be more or less) for you to get your Pilot Licence.

Our sole purpose is to ensure our students attain a full understanding of the requirements of a WA Authorised pilot when moving overmassed or oversized loads. The course has two components, Theory and Practical (on road) and we schedule for a 50/50 balance. The theory, is necessary for your understanding to ensure large and heavy loads are securely moved and helps you to understand your roles and responsibilities as a heavy vehicle pilot in WA adhering to the Heavy Vehicle Pilot Codes of Conduct. The code also provides a detailed list of operating requirements including record of movement, clothing, signage, and vehicle requirements.

The on road component is where you do practical training and an assessment. During the course you will undergo Bridge supervision and traffic management and includes the preparation for pilot/escort operations, carrying out communications regarding the operations and fulfilling all functions related to piloting escorting vehicles carrying oversized and overmassed loads.

To enroll in our course, you will need to hold a current non-probationary Motor Drivers Licence. In addition to this, we recommend you should have good mobility (ability to use both arms), be physically fit and have good numeracy and literacy skills.


Upcoming Pilot Course Dates

22-24 May 2024 - Vehicle Driver Training Course
24 May - Refresher Course

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At the end of the course, you will be presented with a certificate with the following units

TLIC3010 Pilot of escort oversized and/or over massed loads
TLIE3009 Use Pilot and Escort Communication
TLIF3013 Coordinate breakdowns and emergencies
TLIF3060 Control traffic as a pilot vehicle operator

In addition to this, to become a licenced pilot driver, you will need to pass an Instructions for Medical Assessment of Fitness to Drive for Commercial Drivers (click here to view the pdf), as well as complete an application from the Main Roads Department.

Pilot Driving Refresher Training

The Heavy Vehicle Pilots licence is valid for 3 years. After this, you must do a refresher course, BEFORE your licence expires to remain current. The Refresher Pilots course is a 1-2 day course, (depending on class numbers) which comprises of both the required practical and theory components.

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