Bus Driving Lessons

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Bus Driving Lessons
With Miro Training Centre

At Miro Training Centre we pride ourselves on offering specialized knowledge in bus driving to aid students in achieving confidence on the road. We offer Verification of Competency courses which begin at 2 hours per lesson which give you the tools to become a positive, safe, and assertive road user. Our training centre runs these courses Monday to Saturday to ensure you are able to attend and begin your journey as a bus driver. Our highly qualified trainers will go through a checklist to assist you in understanding the areas you need to improve on before being considered competent. Once you are deemed competent, we will issue you with a VOC Certificate in which you can add to your resume, give to your current employer as personal development or show your perspective future employer of your skills.

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Some of the jobs you can get after you get your HR licence and your bus training

  • Bus driver (mining or local)
  • Interstate coach driver
  • School Bus Driver
  • Disability support worker
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