TLI41222 - Certificate in Motor Vehicle Driver Training Heavy Vehicle

Our course is a blended delivery with online learning and face to face. The online learning is self-paced, and the only stipulation is that it is completed within 12 months of enrolment, however, for optimum learning and completion we tailor a timetable for you to follow if possible. This will ensure you stay on task and complete in time to meet your scheduled Face to Face 10-day session. If there are extenuating circumstances, we will possibly extend up to a further 6 months. This would be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Below is an example of a reasonable timetable that is very flexible should you want to progress faster or slower.

Module Completion Date Payment Due

  • Enrolment $1300.00
  • MOD 1 Week 1 $1100.00
  • MOD 2 Week 2 $1000.00
  • MOD 3 Week 3 $1000.00
  • MOD 4 Week 4 $1000.00
  • MOD 5 Week 5 & 6
  • F2F Week 9 & 10

Once you have enrolled and a deposit has been paid, we will email modules and learner materials starting with the first module, we are available to help you with any portion either over the phone, via email or Teams webinar the choice is completely yours, and we will schedule according to your time restrictions. Please see below for course structure

Individual Self-Directed Learning and Assessment

Individual self-directed learning is designed to accompany other activities as it provides students the opportunity to complete research and assessments in their own time, establishing their knowledge prior to participating in the face-to-face delivery component of this program. Individual learning/assignment work/home study includes:

  • Access to the online system for learning and theory-based assessment work
  • Individual reading utilising the Driving Instruction resources.
  • Completion of assessments/workbook tasks
  • Projects, case studies and scenarios
  • Development of relevant training delivery plans and associated documents
  • Practical driving experiences
miro training centre

Students will have online and phone access to their assessor with online content and Teams meetings to be provided to Students should they request it. The modules are as follows.

  • Module 1 - Intro to the Transport Industry
  • Module 2 - Customer Engagement
  • Module 3 - Licence and Fatigue
  • Module 4 - Introduction to Safe Driving
  • Module 5 - Teaching others to Drive Safely

Core Units of Competency

Packaging Rules
Specialisation Group B (Heavy Vehicle) consisting of a total of 11 units comprising of:

  • 5 core units listed below, plus.
  • all units of competency from Group B, plus
  • 1 unit from Group D, plus
  • 1 unit from Group E general electives or from a relevant nationally endorsed Training Package.

Core units


Contribute to


Provide work skill


Follow work health and safety procedures


Work in a socially diverse environment


Apply customer service

Group B - Heavy vehicle


Apply low risk heavy vehicle driving behaviours


Apply a fatigue risk management system


Conduct heavy vehicle driver training


Develop low risk heavy vehicle driving behaviours in others

Group D - Driving industry


Drive heavy
rigid vehicle


Drive multi-combination vehicle (This licence attracts a higher price)

Group E - General elective units


Complete induction to the transport industry

Face-to-face Classroom Learning and Assessment

On successful completion of the required independent self-directed learning and assessment activities, students will be invited to attend class-based face-to-face training that will be scheduled to accommodate the required number of Students. This class-based session will be scheduled to occur over 10 days.

The face-to-face classroom-based component of this program is designed to meet the learning needs of the cohort and to enhance and encourage participation by including the following training techniques:

  • Group-based reading, preparation and learning exercises.
  • Group discussions and scenarios.
  • Use of student activity workbooks that progress through the content of the program and provide practice and learning activities to support the previous independent learning.
  • Implementing practical exercises such as role plays and presentations that reinforce the theoretical knowledge and demonstrate skill acquisition.
  • Practical application and demonstration of skills utilising Miro Training Centre's training vehicle.

Attached is our schedule for our face-to-face sessions for the next 12 months and as discussed, we will suggested a scheduled date for your attendance but this can be altered depending on your progress through your learning.

We are extremely excited about our new course structure and the quality of Driving Instructors we produce. We look forward to working with you.

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