Motorbike Instructors Course in the Joondalup Region

Motorbikes are an extremely popular way to get around and with the exponential population growth being experienced in the Joondalup region, Miro Training are pleased to announce they will be servicing this region.

Miro Training pride themselves on providing the highest level of training that is also nationally recognized. All of Miro’s instructors are fully qualified and very helpful.

If you are living in the Joondalup region are would like diversify your skills, then this training course may very well be for you.

It is a Certificate IV course:

WA Government approved Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (Road Transport Motorcycle Riding Instruction).

The certificate IV in Transport & Logistics (Road Transport Motorcycle Riding Instruction) is the current qualification required by the WA Department of Transport in lieu of the practical and theory assessment required as part of the driver instructor licence application

Course Framework

  • 1 – 2-week intensive practical and theoretical session
  • 3 major assignments
  • Instructional sessions??
  • Practical Experience?

Becoming a riding instructor is much more than just a job. You are contributing to improving road safety through teaching a skill for life and enabling new bike riders a lifetime of safe riding. For a riding instructor no two days are alike. Helping people achieve an important goal in their lives and sharing in their happiness when it finally happens is the best part of the job.

During the course, you will be given instruction in how people learn, and use Bloom’s Taxonomy to differentiate between learning styles. We will give you tips on working within the industry, insurance costs, your OH&S requirements and motorcycle road laws and requirements.

Course Specifics

Courses are held on a regular basis throughout the year, with a new course starting on average every 2 weeks. This certificate is a competency based course and therefore the course duration is student based learning and is run until competency is achieved. The course has 5 theory days interspersed with 3 practical days followed by a practical assessment day.

With prior arrangement courses can be scheduled out of normal working hours, but this will generally be for groups of three or more people, and higher fees may apply.


For certification in motorcycle instruction, at the end of the course you will need to complete 3 assignments. At Miro Training Centre, we encourage you to complete these within 2 – 3 weeks of finishing the course. We will assist you along the way, and if you are having any difficulties, we encourage you to approach us for help.