Whether you are an Employer; looking for good quality transport operators, or, a potential Employee; looking for a more exciting career challenge, then Miro have the right team of Trainers and Assessors coupled with the right equipment, to help you achieve your needs.

We currently provide initial training for most Public Transport Agencies and have a network of large, professional companies that are always looking for the right operators.

miro team

Potential Employee

By completing one of our tailored, structured courses, we may be able to assist you in finding the right job, by issuing you with an initial licence, or, if you are already licenced, then a Verification of Competency Certificate – certifying that you are competent and safe in your skill level.
Add that to your resume to see you shortlisted faster than most!


As an employer, we have the ability to help you decide who is the right candidate for your existing vacancies. By allowing us to conduct a Verification of Competency test, you will have access to a short list of persons that suit your current needs, minimising disruption to your business and adding value to your hiring process.

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