MR (Medium Rigid) Licence Training Perth WA – Learn The Requirements for the Medium Rigid Licence.

An MR Licence (Medium Rigid Licence) is for anyone who needs to drive a vehicle with two axles and a Gross Vehicle Mass (GM) of more than 8 tonnes. This class of licence also allows the drive to tow a trailer with a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of up to 9 tonnes. This does not include semi-trailers, only single trailers.

Various individuals from all types of workplaces and different and occupations such as teachers in the education system who need to drive a school bus, or workers from the local council who may have the need to drive a motor vehicle that has a GVM in excess of 8 tonnes, or even retired people who have large motor homes they wish to drive will need to hold an MR Licence.

Obtaining your Medium Rigid Licence, increases your options for employment, as many employers look favourably upon prospective employees who hold this class of licence. Many jobs require this a as a prerequisite. Additionally, there are personal vehicles that necessitate a MR licence, such as RVs, caravans, Winnebago, it also permits you to hire bigger vehicles for group travel. Your licence is accepted nationally, so this also opens interstate employment possibilities.

At the Miro Training Centre, we run both 2-hour lessons as well as day courses. We have several assessors here and can take care of all your assessment needs in the centre.

To gain your MR licence, you need to have held a C class car licence for a minimum of 1 year.

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