MC (Multi Combination) Licence Training Perth WA
What are the requirements?

The MC  Licence is available to truck drivers who have been issued the Heavy Rigid (HR class) or Heavy Combination (HC Class) licence.

The most effective way of gaining this licence is to train with a qualified supervisor through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Miro Training has been chosen by the Department of Transport as one of the RTO organisations to offer this vehicle licence.

The Multi Combination or MC licence will allow you to drive a heavy combination unit, towing two or more trailers each with a gross vehicle mass that is greater than 9000kg.


  • C class licence for a minimum of 3 years
  • HR class (Heavy Rigid) licence for a minimum of  1 year
  • HC class (Heavy Combination) licence for a minimum of 1 year

Note: You cannot be a provisional licence holder and hold these licences.

For a more detailed run down of the MC Licence, you can go to the Department of Transport  website by clicking here: Multi Combination licence MC