HR License Training Perth WA – Learn The Heavy Rigid License Requirements.

The Heavy Rigid License allows you to drive a motor vehicle that has 3 or more axles and a gross vehicle mass greater than 8000kgs. You can also tow a trailer with a maximum gross vehicle mass of 9000kgs.

There are 3 classes of the HR license.

  • Automatic (HR-A) – allows you to drive automatic vehicles in this license class
  • Synchromesh (HR-B) – allows you to drive both automatic and manual vehicles in this license class
  • Open (HR) – allows you to drive a road ranger gearbox (double clutch), automatic and synchromesh

Having your HR license opens up your employability in many sectors; mining, construction, bus driving, as well as government jobs. Further, there are personal vehicles that require a HR license, such as RVs, caravans, Winnebago, and allows you to hire larger vehicles for group travel. Your license is recognised nationwide, so this opens up job prospects interstate.

At the Miro Training Centre, we run both day courses as well as 2-hour lessons. We have a number of assessors here and can service your assessment needs in house.

To gain your HR license, you must have held your C-class license for 2 years or have held your Light Rigid (LR) or Medium Rigid (MR) for 1 year.

For persons who hold an interstate or international license, please apply for a Heavy Rigid Permit (HR Permit) prior to commencing training. Alternatively, you can apply for a WA license and then attend training.